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Teachers In-charge


Chess Club

Ms Lisa Bala

Ms Germaine Lee

Mrs Susan Heng


Eco Club

Ms Winnie Lee

Mrs Eugenie Yeoh

Ms Zang Xiao Song

Science Lab

Mind Games Club

Mdm April Chew

Mdm Choo Boon Hiong

Ms Tan Shimin


New Media Club

Mr Nuraimi

Mdm Tai Jee Leng

Mrs Jerena Lee

Computer Lab

Ukulele/ Guitar Club

Ms Loy Hui Ming

Mdm Stpal Kaur

Mrs Maris Stella Vincent

Mr Soo Gham Seng

Music Room 2

Eco Club

Pupils are engaged in activities weekly to promote environmental awareness and active care for the school and nation. Selected pupils compete in national competitions. They will also showcase their projects on 'Clean & Green' and promote Biodiversity and Earth Day.


Mind Games Club

Pupils learn problem-solving skills and enhance their vocabulary in a fun way. They learn strategies to play well in a scrabble game. Selected pupils compete in individual /group events at zonal/ national competitions.


Chess Club

Pupils learn different strategies to play well in a chess game. They get to experience values such as resilience, and strive to better their skills to strive for good games outcomes. Selected pupils in individual/group events at national competitions.


Visual Art Club

Pupils learn life skills such as developing an informed perception; articulating a vision; learning to solve problems and make decisions. They learn to develop the ability to imagine what might be. Pupils learn about different art forms. Selected pupils submit their art pieces for zonal / national competitions.


New Media Club

Pupils will be equipped with relevant ICT skills and knowledge, focused on photography, videography and journalism skills. The Club offers pupils a 2-tier programme. The P3 and P4 pupils will acquire digital photography, photo editing and simple video making skills using web tools such as Biteable. For the P5 and P6, the pupils' exposure widens to videography and movie-making skills, where members get to experiment with recording and editing videos with Movie Maker. Pupils are required to plan and conduct interviews as well.