Resilience Integrity Self Discipline Excellence Amazing Love
The hard work put in by the Track & Field team paid off, earning the team its biggest haul of medals in recent school history at the 2016 National Track and Field Competition. Among them, Janelle Lum of 5G (third from left) showed the greatest resilience - she fell at her 600m race, picked herself up, and pressed on to earn a 2nd place in the finals.
When Ethan Leong (3G) picked up a $100 bill outside Bishan Swimming Complex after his CCA, he handed it to his teacher immediately. Kishan S/O Chandrasehgaren (1C) found $50 in school and reported it to the General Office, feeling no temptation to keep it for himself. This is the integrity we expect of all KCPPians, staying committed to be upright in their attitude, behaviour and speech.
Self Discipline
Jayne Peh, Chung Hoseung, Elicia Ling and Ruth Eliza Tan may be P6 pupils, but they know their final year in the school is not all about exams. As the EXCO members of the Student Council, they continue to fulfil their duties leading the student population, and still manage to find time to pursue their interests in their CCA. Some even form a band to jam during recess. Without self-discipline, there is no way they can accomplish so much, and more.
The Chinese Dance scored its third consecutive Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival competition in 2016, a clear display of excellence. The Boys' Brigade and the Girls' Brigade have also done the school proud, consistently clinching top awards in their respective annual competitions. Giving their best every time, that's what excellence is about.
Amazing Love
Megan Koh (P1) is the proverbial friend in need. She is always there to lend a helping hand to someone in need - when a weaker pupil need some coaching, when the teacher has loads of books to carry, or even when her peer does not know how to tie the shoe laces. She is there to help. Her care and concern for others shine through, making her an exemplary model of amazing love.


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