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Greening Kuo Chuan (Environment Education Programme)

In the 21st Century, sustainable development is the key to progress. The Greening Kuo Chuan (GKC) Environment Education Programme is our response to involve our pupils in sustainability efforts. Over the years, the programme has evolved from its fledgling stage of tending garden plots to encompassing five key areas of sustainability: Biodiversity, Environment, Energy, Water and Waste. GKC collaborates with the English, Character and Citizenship, Art and Science Departments to put up curated exhibitions, commemorative events, school-wide exercises, school-based nature trails and community outreach. GKC also leverages the support of parents and external partners to put together assembly talks and source for educational paraphernalia. With the school’s support, we also participate in national competitions on environmental issues to provide a platform for our pupils to apply their learning.
NParks Green Wave 02.jpg
Promoting conservation of biodiversity in conjunction with the annual NParks Green Wave

NParks Bioblitz 02.jpgAppreciating flora and fauna at the Roof Garden

Learning about photosynthesis and the water cycle through terrarium-making at the P6 Environmental Camp

Pupil-initiated red packet recycling campaign

“Bring-Your-Own-Lunchbox” whole-school approach to reduce the use of disposables