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KCPPS Junior Alumni

“ Reliving Memories To Make Memories”
Dear Ex-KCPPians,

The school has formed a junior wing alumni for ex-KCPPians. We would like to invite ex-KCPPians who are working Singapore residents and who are willing to come forth, to help with the formation of the alumni.

KCPPS Junior Alumni (JA) has been formed since 2010. The primary objectives of the KCPPS Alumni, Junior Wing are to:
  • Support and promote the development of the schools in achieving their mission and vision
  • Foster a sense of pride, sustain and enhance visibility of KCPPS
  • Strengthen links between members and KCPPS through sporting (formation of interest groups), social and cultural activities
  • Encourage involvement of alumni and pupils so they become and remain, active members of the KCPPS alumni
  • Provide expertise (knowledge and skills) to improve the primary section

Join us!
If you are keen to join the KCPPS Junior Alumni, please click here to register your interest.