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Physical Education Department


At KCPPS, we are committed to developing pupils with healthy habits and a lifelong participation in sports and the outdoors. We envision that this will allow our pupils to maintain a good level of fitness throughout their lives. 

With a key emphasis on the development of a balanced individual, our programmes focus on the pupils and their well-being. This approach is anchored by MOE’s Physical Education & Sports Development Framework. There are three main focus areas to help our pupils build a Strong Foundation, work towards Broad-Based competencies and have opportunities for Recreational Participation.

Key Programmes & Approaches

Strong Foundation – The school provides platforms both within and beyond the curriculum for our pupils to build a strong foundation for an active lifestyle. Pupils develop their fundamental motor skills and movement competencies with an emphasis on learning and enjoyment through developmentally appropriate movement experiences.

Broad-Based Competencies – For development of broad-based competencies, pupils work on the acquisition of skills and concepts in areas of Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Swimming, Outdoor Education and Physical Health & Fitness through the Physical Education (PE) curriculum and programmes. A spiral approach is taken with the curriculum where there are opportunities for pupils to revisit and work on skills and concepts previously learnt. Emphasis is placed on a range of developmentally appropriate physical activities and sporting experiences that are fun and inclusive.

Key Programmes and Recreational Participation – Our department’s key programmes include KClympics, Primary 5 Outdoor Adventure Learning Cohort Camp, Play@Recess and Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Games and Sports module as well as PAL Outdoor Education module. These programmes provide authentic platforms for our pupils to learn and apply the knowledge, skills and concepts they have picked up. In addition to our Physical Education (PE) programme, our school offers a suite of Sports Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) where pupils have opportunities for recreational participation and competition experience.


Annual KClmpics: At play in the inter-house handball competition

Outdoor Adventure Camp.JPG

Outdoor Adventure Camp: On the high elements course


Play@Recess: Opportunities to bond and work on skills

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