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At KCPPS, pupils are given ample opportunities to learn fundamental movement at the lower primary level. At the upper primary level they are then taught more detailed techniques and strategies of games. Eventually, pupils can further develop their healthy habits through a lifelong participation in sports and the outdoors.

All our programmes place emphasis firstly on the pupils and their well-being. The surest indicator of the success of our programmes is the smile on the face of a child. Nothing is more heart-warming than to behold a happy, healthy and well-rounded (holistically, not physically) child who is able to adjust, adapt, cope and excel in today’s world.  

Physical & Health Education Programme

The Physical and Health Education Programme aims to develop a variety of fundamental movement skills and knowledge in every pupil to become versatile players.  With the skills, knowledge and positive attitude, pupils are empowered to build and maintain a healthy & fit body.

PAL (Programme for Active Learning)

In this two-year programme (P1 and P2), pupils are actively engaged. All learners will be involved in either individual or group activities and reflections. They are given opportunities for creativity and self-discovery and pick up skills through the experience.

Sports and Games Module

Collage showing Sports and Games Module for Primary 1 pupils.jpg
Collage showing Sports and Games Module for Primary 2 pupils.jpg

Outdoor Education Module

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Key Events

Every year, the Houses compete against each other in sports and games on this day to work in teams, show good sportsmanship and play responsibly. Leading up  to this important day, pupils and teachers meet to learn about past principals and their House cheers that are put to good use.

2015:  Overall House Champion – Sirkett
            KClympics Champion – Atherton
            Cheer Competition Champion - Atherton

P4 Adventure Camp
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The first step the P4 pupils learn in this camp is to step outside of their comfort zones. Living in an authentic outdoor environment, the camp activities are able to provide teachable moments for the learning of social and emotional competencies. Pupils discover more about themselves, gain confidence and self-esteem. At the end of the camp, pupils are able to appreciate the outdoors and love nature. It is a time to  discover the importance of shared values in building a harmonious community.