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கல்விக்கு அழகு கசடற மொழிதல் ,
அறிஞருக்கு அழகு கற்றுணர்ந்து அடங்கல் – ஔவையார்,

“An educated man is a cultured man”. This verse has always been emphasised by several poets in Indian history. With this in mind, the TL Department serves a purpose of not only imbuing the pupils with the knowledge of Tamil language, but also strives to mould each pupil to be a cultured individual. In Kuo Chuan, the Tamil Department aims to nurture learners with academic  excellence and cultivate character traits such as confidence, courage, integrity and self-respect, as they complete their six years of Tamil education. The programmes are hence designed based on this adherence.

Proficiency in a language always comes with practice and this is the prevailing truth for mastery in all languages. The foundation for language is the ability to speak in that language. The other aspects of language proficiencies also include the ability to listen and understand instructions, read and comprehend information given and finally the ability to write, articulate through expressions and convey information. These are the desired outcomes for each child in Kuo Chuan learning the Tamil language.

The Tamil department has been working towards building a strong language foundation for the pupils in KCPPS. This objective is to ensure the sustainable results of a 100% pass for PSLE . The focus for vocabulary and communication skills paves the way for learning journeys for pupils at all levels, with respect to the curriculum learning. Pupils were exposed to a variety of places to enhance their understanding of the Tamil language as well as the culture.

Photo of pupils - learning journey.jpgPhoto of pupils - learning journey.jpg

The efforts to improve oral and reading for the pupils span from reading mums to the use of Information Technology when the department embarked on an action research programme for 10 T Sigaram in 2011 for the Primary 1 pupils. Since then, the programme has been extended to the Primary 2 and 3 pupils as well. For the upper primary pupils, selected passages are currently compiled for them to read during the morning reading time. Magazines supported by MOE have also been introduced to pupils to extend their reading. In all efforts to engage and improve pupils learning holistically, the TL team have collaborated with other schools on Peri Holistic Assessment lessons for the lower primary pupils in 2011 and 2012, and will continue to do so this year as well.

The open-book assessment was another new approach introduced last year to improve writing skills. The MT team believe that the guide builds confidence in pupils. In view of that, a reference book has been published for the TL pupils in Primary 3 and 4 to guide the pupils to write better, and hence, build their confidence in compositions. Speech and Drama Camps will also be conducted this year for the Lower Primary while a Cultural Camp will be conducted for the Upper Primary.

Photo of staff - Fringe activities during Deepavali.jpgPhoto of pupils - Fringe activities during Deepavali.jpg