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The Malay department strives to produce pupils who are proficient in their Malay language and also cultured individuals who possessed good character traits and be useful to society. Hence our programmes are designed based on the objective that we want to attain.

With the introduction of the new syllabus, the teaching of ML is conducted based on progression through the various stages (Tahap 1 to Tahap 3) anchored in the fundamental skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Reading Programme

Pupils are encouraged to read beyond their textbooks. Class library are set up to encourage pupils to read widely. The department believes through extensive reading, the pupils will be able to master the language efficiently and also broaden their vocabulary knowledge. To further enhance the interest in reading, the 10M portal has been introduced to the P1 to P2 students. This portal provides reading passages through the use of IT.

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Writing Programme
A reference list consisting of good phrases and idioms were given as a guide for composition writing for the upper primary last year. The level teachers will add on and enhanced the phrases this year to facilitate good writing skills. Good composition will be also be compiled and distributed to the pupils to promote good writing skills.

The Malay department strives not only for academic excellence but also a cultural learning experience for the pupils. Pupils are exposed to all aspects of culture through various activities and learning journeys.
Cultural Programme
The Malay poetry programme for the lower primary will expose the students to another genre in literature. They will be taught how to compose simple poetry and also how to narrate them with correct tone and simple gestures. This activity will help to improve their oral and aural skills.

Learning journeys to view the Malay Heritage Centre and to the Maritime museum are organised for the upper level primary pupils. The objective of this Learning journey is to expand the pupils’ knowledge on the various aspects of the Malay culture and its early history.

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Internal and National Level Malay Language Competitions
Pupils are greatly encouraged to participate in internal and national level competitions. Competitions such as poetry recitation, story-telling and essay-writing provide additional opportunities to further stretch our pupils' language abilities. Our pupils have done the school proud by winning a string of gold and silver awards at the national level consistently since 2007.

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