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Experiential Learning

Pupils are engaged in activities to explore and learn mathematical concepts and skills using manipulatives and/or other resources to construct meanings and understandings. From concrete manipulatives and experiences, pupils are guided to uncover abstract mathematical concepts and skills. Pupils are then guided to link these concepts and skills to other subjects, and between mathematics and the real world.To provide more opportunities for the application of mathematics as well as to develop an appreciation for mathematical problem solving, a Math Trail is organised annually. 

Conceptual Approach

The department deploys Conceptual Approach in the teaching of mathematical processes. Lesson packages on Conceptual approach includes lesson videos, teacher-guided examples and practices for mastery. In the lesson packages, mathematical skills like reasoning, communication and connections, applications and thinking skills and heuristics are taught.To further encourage problem solving outside the classrooms, Problem of the Week (POW) is conducted fortnightly for all levels. 

Financial Literacy

To equip pupils with the understanding of how money works, how to manage money and to make informed decisions with financial resources, financial literacy lessons are taught to all levels.