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Developing every KCPPian to be a future-ready and responsible digital learner is our goal. Technology has become an integral part of our lives. The advancements in digital technologies have transformed the way we learn.  At KCPPS, ICT is integrated across all subjects to engage pupils in their learning to deepen their subject mastery, as well as to develop 21st Century Competencies in them. Through our curriculum, pupils are equipped with the skills to harness the affordances of technology to support them in learning and preparing for future needs.

With increased exposure to technology, it is important that pupils are equipped with discernment as they navigate online spaces. Through the Cyber Wellness programmes, KCPPians are educated to be responsible, respectful, balanced and astute in using the Internet.


Key Programmes & Approaches

Baseline ICT Skills & New Media Literacies – Communication, collaboration and information skills are important 21st Century Competencies. Baseline ICT skills and New Media Literacies are integrated into the academic curriculum to add relevance to the pupils’ learning. 

Our pupils are introduced to touch-typing, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel as well as performing online search with different Boolean expressions. With the acquisition of these Baseline ICT skills, pupils come together to curate, create and connect. On E-Learning and Home-based Learning days, platforms are created for pupils to practise self-directed and collaborative learning as they complete digital tasks independently or in groups.


Independent Learning during Full Home-based Learning

Cyber Wellness Programmes – Pupils learn to be responsible digital natives through assembly talks and Form Teacher Guidance Period lessons. On Safer Internet Day, hands-on activities give pupils the opportunity to apply and reflect on what they have learnt on digital use. Student leaders who are appointed Cyber Wellness Ambassadors lead the way to inculcate cyber wellness habits among their peers.


Cyber Wellness Ambassadors in action

Media Resource Library (MRL) – The MRL, which stocks over 30,000 books, DVDs and other resources, provides rich digital and print resources to cater to our pupils’ learning needs.