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The department oversees the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) aspects of teaching, learning and administration in the school. It is also in charge of the school’s Media Resource Library (MRL), which stocks over 30,000 books, DVDs and other resources.

To cater to our pupils’ learning needs, the department aims to not only provide rich digital and print resources, but also equip them with skills to harness the affordances of technology, and cultivate healthy cyber wellness habits.


Baseline ICT Skills

Baseline ICT skills are integrated into the academic curriculum to add relevance to their learning. For example, during English lessons, the pupils learn how to use Google Doc to do collaborative writing.

Cyber Wellness Programmes

Pupils learn to be responsible digital natives through assembly talks and Form Teacher Guidance Programme lessons. On Safer Internet Day, hands-on activities give pupils the opportunity to apply and reflect on what they have learnt. Student cyber wellness ambassadors lead the way to inculcate cyber wellness habits among their peers.

E-Learning Day

On E-Learning Day, pupils do not attend school. Learning continues to take place though, as the pupils complete digital tasks given by teachers, creating the platform for the pupils to practise self-directed learning and collaborative learning.