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Discipline & Student Leadership

The pupils' well-being and sense of belonging are important to their development in the school. When they feel care, they feel safe.

The Discipline Team provides support and intervention for specific groups of pupils who require additional help. The Case Management Team, which comprises AED (LBS), AED (Counsellor), Year Heads, Assistant Year Heads and Discipline Masters, meet regularly under the guidance of HOD Discipline and Student Leadership, to discuss appropriate intervention measures and support structures for these individual pupils or specific groups of pupils who require them.

Part of our Student Development also involves developing pupils in their leadership competencies. Pupils from Primary 1 are given leadership roles. They could be within the class (as Class Monitors or Subject monitors, etc.) or at a school level, from Primary 3 onwards (as Student Councillors and/or CCA leaders, etc.). Leadership training is provided by the teachers in charge and at a higher level, there are cohort leadership training programmes provided by external vendors for Primary 3s and Primary 5s. A Leadership Camp is run in June for the Student Councillors and CCA leaders to equip them with innovative thinking and communication skills.