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Character and Citizenship Education Department


Character matters in KCPPS. We believe that the acquisition of good character is fundamental to a person’s success in life. At this foundational stage of their development, we want to ensure that our pupils are imbibed with a set of sound values, equipped with strong social and emotional skills that will anchor them well for the future. 

We equip every pupil with skills and knowledge to be a Kuo Chuan Ambassador, one who is grounded in school values and able to build positive relationships with others

ARISE is an acronym for our school values: Amazing Love, Resilience, Integrity, Self-Discipline and Excellence.


The school recognises that while teachers have an inordinate influence in the moulding of character in our pupils, the task of character education cannot be achieved by the school alone. Partnership with parents is critical. The school firmly believes that as parents work alongside us to reinforce the character values at home, our pupils will have greater conviction in living out these values in a meaningful way in their lives.

Key Programmes & Approaches

CCE is enacted through learning platforms such as CCE Lessons, Key Student Development Experiences (SDEs), school-based Initiatives, other subjects and opportunities for personal application.


CCE Lessons – CCE Lessons are conducted during CCE Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) and CCE Mother Tongue Language (MTL) periods. At Lower Primary, CCE Lessons are also enacted through the Programme for Active Learning (PAL). This will allow pupils to have a strong foundation to build character, develop social emotional competencies and citizenship dispositions.

CCE lesson - Giving Back.jpegCCE Lesson: Showing appreciation to the cleaners around us

Key SDEs – Key SDEs provide pupils with rich and authentic opportunities for CCE beyond the classroom. Explicit teaching and intentional reinforcement of learning can occur through purposeful design, debrief and reflection during the Key SDEs. 

Key SDEs for pupils include the following: 

Co-Curricular Activities, Education and Career Guidance Experiences, National Education Commemorative Days, Values in Action, Outdoor Adventure Learning Cohort Camp, Student Leadership Development Programmes and Cohort Learning Journeys. 

National Day Celebrations 2020_048.jpgNational Day Celebration

School-based initiatives – We inculcate our school values in the pupils through school programmes, as well as school-based initiatives and activities during assembly, lessons and special interaction time conducted by the Form Teachers. 

Other Subjects – Social Studies complements CCE as the goal is to prepare pupils to be informed, concerned and participative citizens. Understanding the interconnectedness between Singapore and the world they live in, and appreciating the complexities of the human experience, Social Studies enables pupils to acquire foundational concepts and subject specific values and skills for the Humanities as a discipline, which are key to nurturing of citizenship dispositions.


Personal application – Teachable moments present opportunities for authentic learning within and beyond school. With the habit of self-reflection and having a sense of gratitude, pupils can draw rich learning from their life experiences and interactions with their families, friends in the community, adult teachers and peers for self-improvement and become who they choose to be.

CCE provides the knowledge and skills to help pupils make sense of the world around them with the language to express their learning and development.