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Character and Citizenship Education

Character matters in KCPPS.  Since the development of a Character Development Framework in 2008, the school has been reviewing and refining its character development curriculum which aims to teach pupils to know the good, desire the good, and do the good so that their total being uphold the good in daily living.
The school believes that the acquisition of good character is fundamental to a person’s success in life. As a school, our driving force towards values education for our children is for them to ‘know the good, desire the good and do the good’. At this foundational stage of their development, we want to ensure that our children are nurtured with a set of sound values that will anchor them well for the future. 
The school recognises that while teachers have an inordinate influence in the molding of character in our pupils, the task of character education cannot be achieved by the school alone. Partnership with parents is critical. The school firmly believes that as parents work alongside us to reinforce the school’s character values at home, our children will be more convicted about living out these values in a meaningful way in their lives.