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The Visual and Performing Arts Programme

The Arts Education in KCPPS is a learning ecology and art and music lessons are learner-centric. Depending on the dynamics of the class, a teacher would modify his/her pedagogies to create experience of learning or set the tone of the environment. Results from ongoing formative assessment and termly summative assessments are used to track if learning has occurred and/or to identify advanced learners who aspire to attain achievements in national and international competitions before successfully gaining admission to School Of The Arts to continue their pursuit of artistic excellence.


Arts Co-Curricular Programmes

Arts come alive and relevant in these programmes as our pupils take their learning beyond the confines of the classroom. They will experience exhibitions of artwork and musical concerts to apply their conceptual understanding of art and music in the following platforms:

The arts integration project (MR. A) carried out during the Learning for Life Programme is an exciting mind stretcher for the upper primary pupils. MR. A integrates music, robotics, and art to promote self-directed and collaborative learning. Primary 6 pupils design and construct robots that can play the music composition created by their musically inclined classmates. The robots are programmed to manoeuvre through the 3D installations built by Primary 5 schoolmates. 

Photo of pupils - Art Integration Project.jpg

Co-curricular programmes in the arts can take many forms. It might be participating in a class reflection of viewing a group presentation on the keyboarding skills acquired during the Programme for Active Learning, a customized curriculum to better caters to the learning aspirations for Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils in art, music and dance. It can also be an Arts Learning Journey to Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) where teachers plan for pupils to purposefully look for information to complete their learning tasks.

The Arts CCAs serves as a prospective platform for motivating pupils to take ownership of their own learning for self-betterment. To better understand the roles they can play to contribute to our community, Visual Art Club members visited AWWA Senior Activity Centre during the Values in Action (VIA) project to interact with the senior citizens through various joint art and craft activities. Choir and Guitar Club members share their passion for music during the anniversary celebration of Bishan Public Library. 

Learning also takes place during the Arts Events where the artistically inclined pupils contribute their master pieces for setting up the Art Trail held at the Learning Gallery; the musically inclined pupils perform for IFD concert and/or Kuo Chuan’s Got Talent to show case their talents to the school during morning assembly; lower primary pupils attend the Inspire workshop conducted by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music; middle primary pupils participate in the learning journey to STPI; upper pupils collaborate to create MR. A; arts CCA groups carry out art VIA and put up community performances. 

Arts Instructional Programme

The learning content for the arts instructional programme encompasses knowledge, concepts, values and skills pertinent to music and artwork production and appreciation. These learning contents form the basis for planning the following progressive arts curriculum with alignment to the national curriculum focus of developing 21st CC competencies in the arts: 

Name of ProgrammeProgramme SynopsisLevel
Music Instructional ProgrammeThis programme uses a pedogogical framework of exploration, imitation, improvisation and composition to develop awareness of music making and appreciation of music of various cultures. Primary 1 to Primary 6
Art Instructional ProgrammeThis programme provides broad exposure to knowledge and skills in art for all pupils. It aims to develop visual literacy which enables our children to observe, understand and communicate through a pedagogical framework entitled ArtThink. Primary 1 to Primary 6

The Arts Education Programmes provide the tools for our pupils to become thoughtful and critical thinkers engaged with the broader field of art and music. The Aesthetics Department prepares pupils to be skilful, imaginative, and to develop contemporary and historical understandings of the theories and practices of learning in art and music. The School was awarded the National Arts Education GLOW Award (2011-2014; 2015-2018) by the National Arts Council, for her efforts in building strong processes for the arts in KCPPS.