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Aesthetic Department


The Arts Education in KCPPS develops in every KCPPian the 21st Century Competencies in the Arts through its learner-centric pedagogies. Lessons are designed to develop our pupils’ critical and inventive thinking skills through the arts. Pupils learn to express their Ideas and creativity through both the art and music mediums. Pupils who aspire to pursue their interest in the arts are provided opportunities both within and beyond the school to learn and show case their work. As part of the school’s intent to nurture discerning pupils who champion worthy causes, our pupils are given opportunities be champions of worthy causes through Art and Music.

Key Programmes & Approaches

The learning content for the Arts Instructional Programme encompasses knowledge, concepts, values and skills pertinent to music and artwork production and appreciation. These learning contents form the basis for planning the following progressive arts curriculum with alignment to the national curriculum focus of developing 21st Century Competencies in the Arts.

At KCPPS, arts come alive and relevant as pupils take their learning beyond the confines of the classroom. They experience exhibitions of artwork and enjoy musical concerts while applying their conceptual understanding of art and music. The following platforms and key department programmes provide such experience for our pupils: Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Visual Art and Design, Kuo Chuan’s Got Talent, Exhibition in Curriculum, Museum-Based Learning Journey and Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Visual Arts module as well as PAL Performing Arts module.


Kuo Chuan’s Got Talent!: Uncovering Creativity and Talent

Music Instructional Programme – The pedagogical framework of exploration, imitation, improvisation and composition develops in pupils awareness of music-making and appreciation of music of various cultures.

Art Instructional Programme – With broad exposure to knowledge and skills in Art for all pupils, our art programme aims to develop visual literacy in pupils to observe, understand and communicate through a pedagogical framework entitled ArtThink. 


KCPPS Artists @ Work