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MOE Special Award: 

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (Primary) [LKY-ARE] 2021

The LKY-ARE Award is a national level award for achievement in education. It recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify the qualities articulated in the MOE's desired outcomes of education.

We are extremely delighted that Eliana Chng Jia Xuan (6A/2020) has been awarded the LKY-ARE (Pri) 2021.

International Science Drama Competition 2021

We are pleased to announce that our school's Drama Club CCA has clinched the First Place (Junior Category) in the International Science Drama Competition 2021 organised by the Singapore Science Centre. Performing "The Evolution of Farming", the team has also attained the Popularity Award.

You are cordially invited to view the videos of the finalists on The Science Centre International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) Facebook page (@ISDC.SCS) and Bilibili.com. Appended below are names of the Drama Club members. We are proud of them! Congratulations to the Drama Club members on making it to the Grand Finals!

Leow En Hui Reiko4AMavis
Amrita Nair Dharmendran5GMr Chia
Teo Rui Zhen Celine4FMs Lettuce
Ooi Kylie4FMs Strawberry
Khoo Rui Xin, Lynette (Qiu Ruixin)6FMs Thyme
Sarah Tan Yi Fei 4CEnsemble
Joy Huang Yuting 5AEnsemble
Avelia Teo Yi Xuan 5GEnsemble
Jovine Lum Kar Xun5GEnsemble
Marcus Kirubakaran Isaac6AEnsemble
Faith Tay (Zheng Xiarui) 6F Ensemble
Dhanesh Singam 5FHydro Farmers 
Muhammad Aidan Bin Mohammed Rizal 5GHydro Farmers 
Keen Neo Kai Feng 6AHydro Farmers 
Ariel Lau Zhiern6FHydro Farmers 

The team also represented Singapore in the Grand Finals and competed with teams from Australia, China, Thailand and Nigeria on 28 August and clinched the Popularity Award and Merit Award!

Cross Border e-Book

‘Ben Makes HIS CHOICE’ is the first e-book written by a group of 10 KCPPians as a community outreach project in collaboration with Roots & Shoots – Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) and Winthrop Primary School (Perth, Australia).

A simple story it may be, but its aim at inspiring others to make environmentally-friendly choices on the use of plastics in our everyday lives is commendable of our ten-year-olds.

Let’s make every little effort count. Make ‘Go Green Our Way of Life’.

You may access the link here for your reading pleasure: 


We would like to congratulate the following 2020 P5 pupils for their amazing contributions!

Foo Chiao Lin Sophia (5A)

Caelan Chan (5D)

Teh Keng Siang, Tobey (5A)

Natalie Ho Yi Xuan (5D)

Bosco Ng Wei Zhi (5C)

Ariel Lau Zhiern (5F)

Estelle Wong (5C)

Khoo Rui Xin, Lynette (Qiu Ruixin) (5F)

Jayden Choo Jing Kai (5C)

Samantha Tan An Qi (Chen Anqi) (5F)


We would like to acknowledge the voluntary work by Ling Luen En Hanna (2020 6C).

She had helped with the illustration work for the e-book.

Fight COVID-19: World Charity Painting Competition

"Fight COVID-19: World Charity Painting Competition" was organized by the Asian Art Association in 2020 to commemorate the outbreak of COVID-19 and inspire the world with the art of painting and show concern for life.

The competition was judged by 12 famous painters from around the world with the best works being donated to a hospital or auctioned to a novel coronavirus patient. The proceeds will be used to set up a welfare fund for those affected by the novel coronavirus. 25 of our pupils took part in the competition and our school is delighted to share their results.

Additionally, our school has been identified as one of the schools that will receive the ‘Schools with Outstanding Artistic Characteristics’ Award.


Zhou Zixi (4D)


Guo Chenyi (3A)

Chng Jun Ran, Elliott (4A)


Leong Yuen Xi Hannah (2C)

Keira Michelle Chan Lai Woon (2F)

Tye Eng Kee Tania (3C)

Allyssa Lim (4A)

Charlotte Chew Jen Ee (4A)

Phua Xuan Zhi Ethan (4A)

Foo Chiao Lin Sophia (5A)

Ng Si En, Tabitha (5D)


Caleb Chong Yi En (2C)

Hillary Liw Yi Qi (2C)

Kristen Loh Kai Xuan (2C)

Megumi Kataoka (2C)

Anushashree Saravanakumar (2E)

Megan Leong Suk Yee (2E)

Maggie Liu Min Qi (3C)

Foo Xin Yi Nicole (4A)

Lim Jia Yi Naomi (4A)

Luo Peixi, Hannah Hope (4A)

Ng Jun Kai Elijah (4A)

Roanne Wong (4C)

Alynna Lim (4F)

Dhanesh Singam (4F)

We are delighted to share that our pupils' outstanding artworks are featured online. Kindly click on the following to view the art works of children's entries from around the world:

MEDAL TABLE - Fight COVID-19: World Charity Painting Competition - Asian Art Association (Singapore)

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2021


The SAFMC is organised by DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore, and supported by Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).


A total of three teams were selected through the school’s i-LAB STEM Challenge activity:

·         LAB Team 1: Shin Han Gyeol Dylan (6A), Buay Hou Yu Andreas (6C)

·         LAB Team 2: Justin Lee Tian Hao (6C), Pramath Narev Nagavijayan (6F), Ng Ren Yong (5D)

·         LAB Team 3: Jovan Lee Tian Jie (6A), Keen Neo Kai Feng (6A), Sim Kai Jun Stefan (5B)


We are delighted to share that both i-LAB Team 1 and Team 3 were awarded the 1st and 3rd prize respectively for the Learning Journey Award under the Paper Planes category (for primary schools). Congratulations to all the pupils who have taken part! We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to our i-LAB parent volunteers, Mr Benson Goh and Dr Constance Goh, for guiding our pupils. You can find out more information and highlights of this year’s SAFMC from the video at the event’s Facebook page - https://fb.watch/57iJyXeuAh/       

PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition 2021

The PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition aims to inspire young Singaporeans to tackle environmental challenges and demonstrate their passion for a sustainable Singapore by showing how waste can be reused, repurposed and recycled.

Christine Loo Sze Hui (6A), our CCA leader of Eco-Club, represented the club and submitted an entry - Eco-stool. We are glad to share that the entry has won the First Prize for the Upper Primary Category! Congratulations to Christine and our Eco-Club!

The Eco-stool is made of 12 eco-bricks, each of which is a 1.5-litre plastic bottle filled with plastic materials. These eco-bricks were made with the help of the Eco-Club members during the CCA sessions, and the P6 members then helped to construct and decorate the Eco-stools using plastic straws and reused plastic container covers.

The artwork was showcased at a month-long exhibition at the Singapore Sustainable Gallery @ Marina Barrage from 14 July to 9 August.

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOΣ) 2021 


Our pupils participated in the above competition organised by NUS High in Jul this year. We are proud to announce their achievements! We want to encourage them to continue to sharpen their problem-solving skills and pursue the passion for Maths. Well done, pupils!


Koh Kai Feng Keon6ASilver
Hoa Ee Sen, Easen6FBronze
Joash Loh Chi Yong5BBronze
Seah Yuxin5DBronze 
Wong Kai Jie5DBronze
Quak Qi Wen 5FBronze
Tan Zhen Shen, Rainer6AHonourable Mention
Aaron Choo Yan Quan6CHonourable Mention
Huang Songhua Ilianna6CHonourable Mention
Rajasegaran Aswin Sami6CHonourable Mention
Carsten Yung Chern Anand6DHonourable Mention
Duan Zehao6DHonourable Mention
Hu Shee Qin Norman6DHonourable Mention
Tiang Kah Wei Timothy6DHonourable Mention
Fung Yik Yu Myron6FHonourable Mention
Leong Yuen Sheng Abel5BHonourable Mention
Deian Wee Shuo Xian5DHonourable Mention
Lee Zhi Wei5DHonourable Mention
Lim Jia Yi Naomi5DHonourable Mention
Luo Peixin, Hannah Hope5DHonourable Mention
Ng Ren Yong5DHonourable Mention
Zachary Ho Kai En5DHonourable Mention
Wong Bang Jun5F Honourable Mention
Jayna Chia Enhui5GHonourable Mention
Tan Lyu Heng, Xander5G Honourable Mention

Singapore Mathematics Olympiad for Schools 2021

The pupils participated in the above competition organised by Hwa Chong Institution in April. We are proud to announce that they achieved 1 silver and 7 bronze awards!

Silver AwardFung Yik Yu Myron (6F)
Bronze Award:Chin Jian Wei Aaron (5B)
 Seah Yuxin (5D) 
 Quak Qi Wen (5F)
 Koh Kai Feng Keon (6A)
 Rajasegaran Aswin Sami (6C)
 Duan Zehao (6D) 
 Tiang Kah Wei Timothy (6D) 

We want to encourage them to continue to sharpen their problem-solving skills and pursue the passion for Mathematics. Good job, pupils!

2021 Singapore Primary Science Olympiad

The following pupils took part in the 2021 Singapore Primary Science Olympiad organised by NUS High School of Math and Science and achieved commendable results. Congratulations!

Xeloda Lee Xi Luo6ABronze
Tam Garth Yvee Gwendalen6DBronze
Leong Yuen Sheng Abel5BBronze 
Seah Yuxin 5DBronze
Wong Kai-En 5GBronze
Mattheus Wee Hong Shen 6DMerit 
Zhang Shuwei6D Merit
Quak Qi Wen  5FMerit

2021 Scrabble Tournament for Beginners Southeast Asia (SG)

The following pupils from our Mind Games CCA took part in the qualifying rounds of the 2021 Scrabble Tournament for Beginners Southeast Asia (SG) competition, which was held on 14 August.

Josh Hoe Kang Le6D4th position in National Finals
Zayne Tan Dik Un (Chen Ze'en)6DParticipation (Qualifying Round)
Kynen Aw-Kay Quan Li6EParticipation (Qualifying Round) 

Josh was outstanding as he made it through the qualifying rounds and finished 4th in the National Finals, held on 15 August. Our school is most delighted to share that Josh took part in the Southeast Asia Finals on 2 Oct and gained valuable experience!

12th GoodTalk (Global Village) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Conference

12GoodTalk (地球村)国际青少年双语演讲大会


This competition was aimed at promoting the understanding and appreciation of the language and culture between the student participants from Singapore and China.


It was also an effort to support the Speak Mandarin Campaign of Singapore, whereby students could learn to speak Chinese language through the expression of speech.


The topic of the Preliminary round for Elementary students was “Our Culture / Singapore Culture in My Eyes (我们的文化/我眼中的新加坡文化)”. 


We would like to congratulate the following pupils for their achievements!


Most Promising Award:

Encouragement Award:

Sieow Ke Xin, Shyan 萧珂昕 (3B)

Timothy Tan Zi Hao 陈子昊 (2D)

Zhang Yuyan 张彧嫣 (4A)

Skylar Tan Shing Ru 陈星汝(3B)

Charlotte Chew Jen Ee 周真妤 (5B)

Kaitlyn Khong Kai Lin 邝凱琳 (3D)

Lee Zhi Wei 李芷葳 (5D)

Ethan Koh Kai Jun 許愷俊 (3F)

Zhang Shuwei 张书为 (6D)

Tan Su-Ann 陈思谙 (3F)

Pan Roushan 潘柔杉 (6G)



4th Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools



This competition, organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and supported by the Singapore Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society, aims to raise the level of pupils’ Chinese Language reading proficiency, ignite their love for learning the Chinese Language and deepen their understanding of the texts in their textbooks through text recitals. We would like to congratulate the following pupils for their achievements in this competition! 

Lower Primary (Individual)Silver栾晓媛 Luan Xiaoyuan (3D)《小蝌蚪找妈妈》
Lower Primary (Individual)
Bronze洪于曜 Ang Yu Yao (2F)
Lower Primary (Group) Bronze

孟晨曦 Meng Chenxi (2B)

陈萱颖 Tan Xuan Ying Arielle (2B)
牟芷琪 Olivia Mou Zhiqi (2H) 
Lower Primary (Group) Bronze 

张耀恩 Priscilla Zhang Yao'en (3C)

余馨彤 Yu Xintong Sophia (3D)

廖泽文 Leow Ze-Wen (3F) 
Upper Primary (Individual)  Bronze张栢钧 Chong Bo Jun (6C) 《珍珠项链》 
Upper Primary (Individual)  Bronze何声微 Rachel Ho Sheng Wei (6D) 《倾斜的伞》 
Upper Primary (Group)  Silver

许新悦 Melanie Koh Xin Yue (4A)

张彧嫣 Zhang Yuyan (4A) 
Upper Primary (Group) 

黄恩慧 Roanne Wong (5B)

周昕颖 Chew Xin Ying Megan (5F)

黄腾馨 Olivia Meghan Wong Teng Xin (5F) 

2021 National On-the-Spot Chinese Story Writing Competition For Primary and Secondary School Students (2021年全国中小学现场华文故事创作比赛)


This competition, organised by Anglican High School, aims to provide a platform for primary and secondary school students to showcase their creative writing skills in the Chinese Language.


We would like to congratulate Zou Zixi 邹子熙 (5B) for achieving the 3rd place in this national competition. Well done, Zixi! 

The Girls’ Brigade Dr Low Guat Tin Challenge 


The GB Dr Low Guat Tin Challenge encourages girls to seek creative ways to improve the lives of those around them – expanding the boundaries of their capabilities and empathy towards their world.  


The theme for 2021 – Better Minds, Better Tomorrow calls for creative submissions to educate, encourage, foster empathy, dream of an invention, or depict an ideal Singapore as we journey with our mental health challenges. 


10 of our GB girls led by Miss Chia Hui Ning (Teacher i/c), represented KCPPS with their beautiful illustrations. These are the awards that the girls have attained under category ‘Illustrate’. In addition, their collective efforts have brought back the Silver Award for the school. Well done to our GB!  

Ang Jia Ning6ASilver
Tham Hoi Wan Emma6ASilver 
Goh Rui En Janelle6A Bronze 
Chan Xin-Yann Binnie5BBronze 
Chua Rui En5F Bronze 
Eunice Hong Li Jia 4C Bronze 
Abbe Loo Kang Ning 4F Bronze 
Kwan Yu Yun3BBronze 
Hannah Ng Qi Xin3D        Bronze
Kaitlyn Khong Kai Lin3DBronze

National School Games (NSG) Senior Division Rope-Skipping competition


Pupils from Rope Skipping CCA took part in the NSG Senior Division Rope-Skipping competition in April 2021. We are delighted to share their outstanding achievements in the following events.



                     Rykiel Lee Jia En (5A)

                     Jaclyn Ng Yu Xuan (5D)

                     Ang Wern Ni Gianna (5E)

                     Matthew Tuvia Ong (5G)

1st position


                     Maegan Lim Min En (5F)

                     Jermayne Tan Weng En (6C)

                     Sofia Eliza Binte Faizal (6D)

                     Alissara Faith Ghinn (6E)

2nd position


                     Allyssa Lim (5B)

                     Alynna Lim (5D)

                     Matilda Tham Hon Xuan (6F)

3rd position


                     Jermayne Tan Weng En (6C)

5th position


5th position


We are also pleased to share that our school’s participation in the NSG is featured on the ActiveSG website. Please click here to read the full article.


Junior Sports Academy (JSA)

The JSA programme is part of MOE’s provision for primary school pupils with higher abilities in the physical domain. It provides opportunities for these pupils to discover their sporting strength and passion. The school rejoices with our following P6 pupils who have successfully completed the 2-year JSA programme. Their commitment and dedication to pursue their passion in sports in deeply commendable!

Tham Hoi Wan Emma6A
Clarisse Fong Jie Min6C
Leong Wai-Mun6D
Ng Si En, Tabitha6D 
Chee Chi Ching, Carys (Zhu Ziqing)6F
Emma Goh6F 
Ho Yu Tong, Charlotte6F 
Tan Yi Hsiang6F 
Seetoh Collin6G

Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition 2021

Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition 2021 is an annual competition organised by Singapore Philatelic Museum. The competition aims to help pupils understand and appreciate the importance of designs reflected on our Singapore stamps. Pupils are challenged to think out of the box and express their creativity in the background design they have to create to complement the stamp(s). Our school is delighted to share that 5 pupils received the Gold (with Special Prize), Silver and Bronze Awards while another 24 pupils received Certificates of Participation. Well done!

Gold (With Special Prize):Zou Zixi (5B)
Silver:Charlotte Chew Jen Ee (5B)
Bronze:Ang Jia Ning (6A) 
 Clara Yap Tong En (6A) 
 Liau Jing Xuan (6D) 
Certificate of Participation:Lim Chun Jia (3B)Chan Xin-Yann Binnie (5B)
 Teo Yu Wei Raphael (3C) 
Anburaj Aradhana (5D) 
 Aldrich Yeo Yu Feng (3C) Chua Rui En (5F) 
 Foo Xin Wei Heidi (3D) 
Dhanesh Singam (5F) 
 Chee Yi Ray Jeremy (3F) 
Lim Jay Yi Jessica (5F) 
 Leong Yuen Xi Hannah (3F)  Chng Jun Ran, Elliott (5G) 
 Eva Cheong En Qi (4A) Foo Xin Yi Nicole (5G)
 Eng Siang En Caleb (4C) 
Goh Rui En, Janelle (6A)
 Sophie Tjhi (4C) 
Lim Zhi Xuan (6A) 
 Audrina Soe (4E) 
Tham Hoi Wan Emma (6A) 
 Ho Wen Xuan Eva (4E) 
Samuel Lawrence (6B) 
 Sivainie D/O Kesavan (5A)
Ashwin Kaur Rakkar (6D) 

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition

The SYF Art Exhibition is an annual national school event organised by the MOE to provide opportunities for our pupils to showcase their talent in art and promotes art appreciation in our schools and community.


The Art Exhibition features artworks by pupils from Primary and Secondary/Junior Colleges/Millennia Institute in alternate years. This year, our school submitted 3 pieces of artwork for the SYF Art Exhibition and we are delighted to share our stellar results. 


In Category A, our submission “Let’s Hit Rewind” was awarded the Certificate of Participation. The team led by our Art teacher, Miss Chia Hui Ning, was made up of the following pupils: 

Luo Enxin, Esther2A
Charlize Kuan Jiahui2B
Chen Yukai2B
Lee Zhi Xian2B
Meng Chenxi2B
Lim Wen Xuan, Raeanne2C
Gwen Hoe Jia Ning2D
Ng Xin Ying 2D 
Emily Foo Hui En2E
Ang Yu Yao2F

In Category B, our submission “Weaving Through Time” was awarded the Certificate of Recognition. The team led by our Art teacher, Miss Tanti Nur Hidayu Binte Zainal, was made up of the following pupils: 

Joelle Tay Le En4A
Huang Xin Tong4B
Sophie Tjhi 4C 
Lee Zhi Yi Athena 4F 
Mary Jane Laiman4F

In Category C, our submission “Transit” was awarded the Certificate of Recognition. The team led by our Art Coordinator, Mdm Veronica Ho, was made up of the following pupils:

Zou Zixi5B
Clara Yap Tong En6A
Foo Chiao Lin Sophia 6A
Goh Rui En, Janelle6A
Jovan Lee Tian Jie
Ng Si En, Tabitha
Reuel Alex Peri6E

School of the Arts (SOTA) Primary 6 Creative Writing Competition

The fifth edition of the annual nation-wide creative writing competition, the SOTA Primary 6 Creative Writing Competition 2021, was held in January 2021. More than 1,500 submissions from primary schools across Singapore were submitted. The school rejoices with Clarisse Fong Jie Min (6C), who was a Top 20 finalist in the competition and received the Commendation Award. 

School of the Arts (SOTA) Primary 6 Arts Competition

The SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition was launched in 2018 as one of SOTA's outreach programmes to encourage and provide a platform for young artists to express their creativity and hone their talents in Visual Arts. It has since become an annual nation-wide drawing and painting competition.

This year saw a wide range of participants, representing over 166 primary schools in Singapore with over 1000 submissions. These young pupils submitted artwork based on one of the three themes, Looking Out of My Window, Space Zoo, and Tropical Fruit. The themes this year focused on challenging participants to draw inspiration for their art from their homes and their imaginations.

The school rejoices in the achievements of the following pupils who have done exceedingly well in the competition:

Natalie Ho Yi Xuan6DTop 40 Finalist 
Ang Jia Ning6ACertificate of Participation
Clara Yap Tong En6ACertificate of Participation 
Foo Chiao Lin Sophia 6ACertificate of Participation 
Gillian Ong6ACertificate of Participation 
Goh Rui En, Janelle6ACertificate of Participation 
Tee Kai Xin, Rianne6ACertificate of Participation
Tham Hoi Wan Emma6ACertificate of Participation 

YMCA of Singapore: Student Care Centres 8th Storytelling Competition  


The YMCA of Singapore organises its annual storytelling competition for its 23 School-Based  Student Care Centres.  


We are delighted that our pupils excelled in this year’s competition! 

2nd in Lower Primary Category: Chin Keen Yong, Axel (2G) 

2nd in Upper Primary Category: Lee Min Xuan Evanna (5B) 


Congratulations to Axel and Evanna!

“Bake Sale by Charlotte”  Letter of Appreciation from Children’s Cancer Foundation

We are extremely delighted to share that on 1 March, our pupil Charlotte Chew Jen Ee (5B) was presented with a letter of Appreciation from Children’s Cancer Foundation for her self-initiated fund raising project. Charlotte started a bake sale last Dec and has since baked over 60 cakes and raised over $1000 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Each of her orders came with a heartshaped origami and personalised handwritten message. Well done, Charlotte! May you continue to use your amazing ways to touch lives!

Letter of Appreciation from ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society)

We are extremely delighted that on 13 July, our pupil Charlotte Chew Jen Ee (5B) was presented with a letter of Appreciation from ACRES for her self-initiated fund raising project. Well done, Charlotte!

Greening Kuo Chuan − Conserving Singapore's Biodiversity

As part of our environment education, P1 to P3 pupils had storytelling sessions and learnt about flora and fauna through "Bobby and the Lost Seed", an activity book provided by NParks.

Armed with a pair of binoculars and a guidebook, P5 pupils took to the school compound to try to identify as many animals as they could as part of NParks' BioBlitz programme.

These activities have been featured on MOE's social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook)

Click here: Instagram

Click here: Facebook

22nd National Robotics Competition (NRC)


The NRC, organised by the Science Center Singapore, went online last Nov with three categories for all levels of participants. We are proud that our pupil Avinaash Singh Sodhi (5C) received a Certificate of Participation in the CoderZ Coding Challenge (Primary Category). Keep the passion and interest going, Avinaash!

Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) Sustained Improvement Award 2021

Under the SINDA Tutorials for Enhanced Performance (STEP) Programme, we are delighted that our pupil Avinaash Singh Sodhi (5C) has been presented with the Sustained Improvement Award (Science). Well done, Avinaash!