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The Prime Minister’s Book Prize (PMBP)

Established in 1974, the PMBP is an annual award for bilingualism given to primary, secondary and pre-university students.


This year, 39 students received the PMBP – 12 from the primary school category, 17 from the secondary school category and 10 from the pre-university category.  We are extremely delighted to announce that our pupil Nor Aniqa Binte Norhazry (6G, 2019) has been awarded the PMBP for her outstanding performance in the 2019 PSLE!


Boys’ Brigade (BB) and Girls’ Brigade (GB)

Our Boys’ Brigade 5J Singapore Company has been awarded the Gold Award for the J M Fraser Award for Excellence.


Our Girls’ Brigade 28P Singapore Company has been awarded The Girls’ Brigade Singapore Company Gold Award.

Well done BB and GB!


Boys’ Brigade (BB) Junior Programme (JP) Gold Award

The highest individual award that a boy can attain in the Boys’ Brigade Junior Programme is the JP Gold Award. We are delighted to announce that 18 of our Primary 6 BB boys have attained the JP Gold Award. To attain this highest honour, the BB Boy must have attended BB parades regularly, completed community service and attained all the 6 achievement badges over his few years in the BB. Our 18 outstanding BB boys are:

Brendon Mak Tsun Ming (Mai Junming) (6A)

Ling Jia Jie (6A)

Neo Sze Wei (6A)

Dylan See Cheng Sheng (6B)

Ezra Sim Bo Xian (6B)

Jayden Tan Yan Kai (6B)

Tse Namdhe (6B)

Yu Yi Kee (6C)

Caleb Ong Kai Le (Wang Kaile) (6D)

Jacob Phan De-En (6D)

Lim Ka Zun, Morgan (6D)

Phan Wei En, Elliot (6D)

Regan Law (Liu Ruige) (6D)

Nickhlesh S/O Rajinikanth Naidu (6E)

Sivakumar Suriya (6E)           

Thanwa Tan (6E)

Titus Wong Zong Meng (6E)

Ethan Soh (6F)



Girls’ Brigade (GB) Junior Brigader Brooch Awards

The Junior Brigader Brooch is the highest award for primary schools. The award is presented to girls who have successfully completed the Junior Leadership Training Camp, received the JSTAR Award, and have been good role models in demonstrating good leadership abilities and integrity. 


A total of 88 girls received this prestigious award this year. The proud recipients from our school (28th Company) are: Chua Rui Xin (6D) and Bhairavi D/O Mahandran (6F)


We congratulate them! It has been both exciting and inspirational to watch how steadily they have grown through their time in the GB.


International Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Competition 2020

The International YRE Competition is organised through the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) with the objective of providing a platform for young people to articulate their stand on environmental issues they feel strongly about.


Towards the end of 2019, our school hosted staff and pupils from Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Lintang, a Green Flag School in Malacca, through WWF Singapore. The two schools shared and learnt from each other about sustainability issues and greening strategies. After the visit, pupils from both schools collaborated and jointly submitted a video entitled ‘Food Waste and Climate Change’ for the YRE Competition 2020 (International Collaboration Category).


We are pleased to share that the joint-submission has been awarded 1st Place! We would like to acknowledge the following pupils from P6 Excellence (2019) on their efforts towards raising awareness on environmental issues.

Elyse Koh Shi Min

Goh Wei Heng Keithe

Han Ming Xun Aloysius 

Katelyn Ng Yu Shi

Koh Kai Lin

Lim Xin Xue Casey

Soh Ke-Xin Chloe

Our winning entry can be viewed from the link below under the International Collaboration Category: https://yrecompetition.exposure.co/malaysia-and-singapore?source=share-YREcompetition  


International Science Drama Competition

Organised by Singapore Science Centre, the International Science Drama Competition is an annual event aimed to promote science through drama. This competition, involving teams from Singapore and overseas, has always been a great opportunity for schools to showcase their talents and compete on an international level.  The theme for 2020 is “Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet”, commemorating 2020 as International Year of Plant Health. Our school’s Drama Club members have participated in this competition since 2007.

This year, we have 15 participants who have been selected to represent our school in the abovementioned competition. Below are our participants:

Layla Kailing Smith (4E)

Chua Jia Lin (6C)

Jovine Lum Kar Xun (4F)

Foo Kai Qing Cladice (6C)

Lim Xin Rui, Amber (5C)

Jamie Li Jiaxuan (6C)

Hu Shee Qin Norman (5D)

Lee Yi En (6C)

Khoo Rui Xin, Lynette (5F)

Ling Luen En, Hanna (6C)

Aryn Teo Hui Xin (6A)

Ian Matthew Satiawijaya (6C)

Aarav Nath (6A)

Lee Tze Suen (6D)

The Singapore Finals was slated to take place in May this year and the winning team was to represent Singapore in Bangkok in July. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the competition has been cancelled. All our participants have thus been awarded the Certificate of Participation. We would like to commend our pupils for their effort in preparing themselves for the competition.


Green Wave Environmental Care Competition

Organised by SembCorp Marine, the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition provides the platform for pupils to create solutions for environment issues.

Our school won the Merit Award and the Encouragement Award.

·         The team consisting of Chloe Chew Kai Suan and Joshuanne Yeh Su En from 6A won the Merit Award of $500 with their project titled ‘Reduce Food Waste using GEOSHOP Application on Smart Phones’.

·         Another team consisting of Ling Jia Jie, Justin Tng Li Jie, Neo Sze Wei and Wong Shi Yun from 6A won the Encouragement Award of $200 with their project titled ‘Water Leakage Alarm’. Congratulations to the two teams!

11th Global Village Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Competition



This competition was aimed at promoting the understanding and appreciation of the language and culture between the student participants from Singapore and China. It was also an effort to support the Speak Mandarin Campaign of Singapore. The topic of the Preliminary round for Elementary students is “My Idol”.

·         Khaw Ying Xin 许赢心 (5A) – Silver

·         Leon Aw Jun Kai 胡俊凯 (5C) – Silver

·         Jamie Li Jiaxuan 李嘉萱 (6C) – Bronze

·         Brendon Mak Tsun Ming 麦峻铭 (6A) – Certificate of Participation


3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

This competition, organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and supported by the Singapore Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society, aims to raise the level of students’ Chinese Language reading proficiency, ignite their love for learning the Chinese Language and deepen their understanding of the texts in their textbooks through text recitals.


We would like to congratulate the following pupils for their achievements in this competition!


Lower Primary (Individual) Category (Bronze Award)

陈洛伊 Chloe Chen Luoyi (2E) -送颜色

郭睿哲 Aloysis Kerk Rui Zhe (3A) -曹冲称象


Lower Primary (Group) Category (Bronze Award) -过新年

許愷俊 Ethan Koh Kai Jun (2A)

黄塏淇 Ng Kai Qi Caris (2D)

黄敏 Mandy Ng Min (2F)


Lower Primary (Group) Category (Silver Award) -捞月亮

许新悦 Koh Xin Yue Melanie (3A)

刘卉淇 Low Hui Qi Megan (3C)

陈颖馨 Genevieve Chan Ying Xin (3D)


Upper Primary (Individual) Category (Silver Award)

周真妤 Charlotte Chew Jen Ee (4A) -爸爸妈妈出门了

林芯瑞 Lim Xin Rui Amber (5C) -和时间赛跑


Upper Primary (Group) Category (Bronze Award) -班级守则

谢恩慧 Jayna Chia Enhui (4C)

李芷葳 Lee Zhi Wei (4F)


Upper Primary (Group) Category (Silver Award) -我闯祸了

李晞洛 Xeloda Lee Xi Luo (5A)

胡俊凯 Aw Jun Kai (5C)


“MyTakeOnWater” Schools Challenge Poster Competition

This competition was organized by PUB and National Water Agency. It hoped to spark and sustain conversations about water, so that individuals will be inspired to think more deeply about what water means to them and eventually make saving water a lifelong commitment.


Guo Chenyi (3A) – 3rd Prize

Certificates of  Participation: 

·         Joelle Tay Le En (3A)

·         Maggie Liu Minqi (3C)

·         Prithicka (3C)

·         Tye Eng Kee Tania (3C)

·         Zoey Tian Yu Ying (3C)

·         Foo Kai Ru Claudia (3D)

·         See Eu Jane (3D)

·         Hannah Liang Shu En (3E)  

·         Simar Kaur Bassi (3F)

·         Charlotte Song Luo Xuan (4A)

·         Shayanne Xu Qi (4E)


PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Waste to Art Competition 2020

The PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition was established in 2016 with the aim of encouraging young Singaporeans to step up to the challenge of tackling environmental issues by reducing their carbon footprint and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.  


This year, 2 of our Eco Club CCA pupils, Prithicka (3C) and Christine Loo Sze Hui (5A) took part in the PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Waste to Art Competition 2020. We are delighted to share that Prithicka emerged as the First Runner-Up in the Lower Primary Category while Christine attained a Merit placement in the Upper Primary Category. Both their winning artworks were displayed at the Sustainable Gallery Singapore at the Marina Barrage from 23 Sep to 12 Oct.


Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition

Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition 2020 is an annual competition organised by Singapore Philatelic Museum. The competition aims to help pupils understand and appreciate the importance of designs reflected on our Singapore stamps. Pupils are challenged to think out of the box and express their creativity in the background design they have to create to complement the stamp(s). Our school is delighted to share that 3 of our pupils received the Bronze Award while another 12 pupils received Certificates of Participation.


Ang Jia Ning (5A)

Gillian Ong (5A)

Xeloda Lee Xi Luo (5A)


Certificate of Participation:

Dhanesh Singam (4F)

Christine Loo Sze Hui (5A)

Clara Yap Tong En (5A)

Foo Chiao Lin Sophia (5A)

Goh Rui En, Janelle (5A)

Leow Zhen Yu Kazuo (5A)

Lim Zhi Xuan (5A)

Shin Han Gyeol Dylan (5A)

Tee Kai Xin, Rianne (5A)

Lim Xin Rui, Amber (5C)

Ng Si En, Tabitha (5D)

Rachel Gracelyn Cuaca (6D)


School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA) Primary 6 Art Competition

This competition saw a wide range of participants, representing over 124 primary schools in Singapore with 825 entries. Our pupils Rachel Gracelyn Cuaca (6D) and Natalie Emma Antoni (6F) were awarded the Certificates of Commendation. Well done Rachel and Natalie!


Junior Sports Academy (JSA)

The JSA programme is part of MOE’s provision for primary school pupils with higher abilities in the physical domain. It provides opportunities for these pupils to discover their sporting strength and passion. The school rejoices with the following P6 pupils who have successfully completed the 2-year JSA programme. Their commitment and dedication to pursue their passion in sports is deeply commendable.


Caden Lim Jung Yong (6A)

Koh Wei Zhi (Gao Weizhi) (6A)

Luke Yap Jie Han (6A)

Karuneswari D/O Supramaniam Pillai (6B)

Chua Zhen Xun (6C)

Jude Toh Yao Zu (6C)

Liang Yu Wei, Filis (6C)

Yong Min Han (Yang Minhan) (6C)

Koh Kai Jie (6D)

Phoon Zhi Shan, Noah (6D)

Rachel Gracelyn Cuaca (6D)

Chan Si Ying Shernise (6E)

Ng Xuan Xu Jadon (6F)

Tok Ziling Gillian (6F)


KCPPS Alumni’s Achievements

We are proud of our Alumni Lieutenant (LTA) Christabel Chai from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). She was featured in the media recently for being the first woman from South-east Asia to graduate from US Air Force Academy (USAFA). Every year, graduating international cadets at the USAFA are honoured at the prestigious institution's graduation ceremony, where they get the chance to fly their country's flag. Last month, Christabel was one of them. Leaping onto her chair, she unfurled the Singapore flag and waved it with her arms spread wide, beaming with joy and pride in a photo that has gone viral on Facebook.


We received delightful news from St. Joseph's Institution (SJI) that our alumni have achieved excellent results at the International Baccalaureate Diploma and GCE ‘O’ Level examinations.

·         Wong Leung Wing, Manus (PSLE Class of 2013) – IBDP Score 44

·         Lim Ming Rong (PSLE Class of 2015) – L1R5 6 Points

We are very proud of Manus and Ming Rong!