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Higher Mother Tongue

  1. What are the criteria for a child to be offered HMT at KCPPS?
    • If a child scores Band 1 in MT & achieves Band 1 or 2 in EMS, the child will be identified by the school as eligible to take HMT in P5. Appeals can be considered for pupils who do not qualify – this is on a case-by-case basis.
    • Pupils are expected to take HMT for a complete year before they can request to drop the subject.  Requests for dropping will be considered on a case by case basis.
    • The option to take HMT in P5 is given only once at the end of P4. Subsequent decisions will be based solely on pupil’s performance and the advice of the school.

  2. Does the aggregate T-score at PSLE include HMT scores?
    The Aggregate T-score at PSLE includes EMS & MT T-score only. HMT is not included.

  3. What advantage does HMT have in terms of secondary school application?
    The top 30% of the PSLE cohort who pass HCL are given bonus points for admission to Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools – 3 points for Distinction, 2 for Merit & 1 for Pass.