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Direct School Admission

  1. Direct School Admission (DSA)
    The DSA aims to promote holistic education through recognition of a more diverse range of student achievements and talents. P6 students’ talents and achievements in both academic and non-academic areas will determine if they will be selected for direct admission into a secondary school.
  2. What are the stages of DSA Exercise?
    Generally, there are 3 stages – Stage 1 is Selection, Stage 2 is Exercise School Preference & Stage 3 is Results Release.  The application normally opens in June each year. The application deadline for each DSA-Sec School is different.
    • At Stage 1, shortlisted pupils will be invited for a selection test/ camp/ interview & receive news of the outcome of the selection process (accepted/ waiting list/ rejected) around August.
    • At Stage 2, pupils who are confirmed a place or put on waiting list will get a DSA School Preference Form from their Primary School. Pupils indicate their preference for up to 3 schools in the DSA School Preference Form and submit response either electronically via DSA-Sec Internet System or to the Primary School direct.
    • At Stage 3, pupils collect DSA allocation results with the PSLE results. Successful pupils will be issued with a Direct Admission Notification by the accepting school. Unsuccessful pupils will be notified & will participate in the Secondary 1 Posting Exercise.

  3. Where can I find more information on DSA?
    Information on DSA can be found at MOE website