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School Rules

Schooling is an important milestone in our children’s lives. In school, they not only acquire knowledge and skills, but they are acculturated to have a set of socially acceptable behaviour and decorum. The set of school rules is an important tool to inculcate values and help establish in our children clear expectations on how they should relate to teachers and peers within the school community.


1. Time is a valuable resource. Children need to learn the value of time and take responsibility for their time management and punctuality. All pupils are expected to be punctual for school and school organised programmes/ activities at all times.
2. Love for our home country is an important outcome of National Education. The daily flag raising / lowering ceremony is an opportunity for children to foster a sense of national identity, pride and self-respect. All pupils are to attend the flag raising/lowering ceremony. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.  The Pledge is taken with the right fist placed over the heart.
3. The school is responsible for the pupils’ well-being and ensures that pupils’ safety is not compromised. Pupils are allowed to leave the school only with the permission of his / her Form Teacher / Principal / Vice-Principal and must be accompanied by a parent / guardian if he / she is ill and needs to go home.
4. To inculcate the importance of accountability, pupils who are absent from school are expected to submit medical certificate/s upon their earliest return. Parents / Guardians are encouraged to call to inform the school of the child's / ward's absence.


5. Children need to learn to take responsibility for their personal grooming. All pupils are to be neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniforms / outfits at all times and for all school activities. School T-shirts and shorts are to be worn during P.E. lessons or any other lessons involving physical activities. T-shirts must be properly tucked in.
6. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform only. Modification to the uniform is prohibited.
7. Pupils are to wear black canvas shoes with white full-length socks to school.  To discourage unnecessary comparison amongst pupils, expensive branded sports shoes, socks, bags, and watches should not be worn or brought to school.
8. All pupils are to have neatly-kept hair. Standards for boys' and girls' hairstyles are as follows:
Boys: Hair should be neatly cropped. It should not touch the eyes, shirt collar or ears.  Thickly gelled and spiky hair styles are not allowed. Dyeing of hair is not permitted.
Girls: Hair should preferably be at shoulder-length. Long hair should be neatly tied / plaited. Hair accessories, if used, should be black or dark blue. Dyeing of hair is not permitted.
Boys must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven. Facial hair such as moustache, beard, sideburns is not allowed.


9. Valuable jewellery (gold chains, rings, bangles) and / or costume jewellery are not to be worn to school. Earring studs (if any) are only to be worn by girls. Not more than one pair of earring studs should be worn at any one time. Religious articles such as talismans, medallions and / or prayer beads which are not part of the school uniform should not be worn to school.
10. Electronic gadgets such as portable music devices, computer games, and /or any objects which are not required for school lessons & Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) should not be brought to school. In an event of need, a pupil should first seek the consent of his / her teacher before bringing these gadgets to school. All mobile phones including smartphones and smartwatches must be switched off and be kept in the school bag once pupils step into the school premises to ensure a conducive environment for teaching and learning. In case of an emergency, parents / guardians are encouraged to call the school's General Office to contact their child / ward. The pupil will take responsibility for all his / her personal belongings and ensure that they do not cause disruption during class lessons.


11. All pupils should respect their teachers and peers at all times. 
12. It is the pupils' responsibility to complete and hand in all assignments to their teachers on time.
13. All pupils have the responsibility to keep the school clean.
14. School facilities are meant for all pupils' learning and enjoyment. Pupils should respect and take care when using these facilities.
15. All pupils should treat one another with kindness and be considerate to each other’s needs.
16. All pupils must take care of their own safety as well as that of others at all times.