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Principal's Message

A New Season To Flourish

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It feels good to be home! We are grateful to be back in Bishan and we appreciate the commitment of the workers who toiled for two years to get the upgraded building ready for our pupils to enjoy.  To the many well-wishers and parents who have contributed funds to support our upgrading project and remembered us in prayer, we owe our heartfelt thanks. The two years we spent away from the “comfort and familiarity of home” had allowed our staff and pupils to adapt, learn and pull together as a family to complete two moves: one out to Ang Mo Kio and another back to Bishan. The process has helped us grow stronger and more resilient.


We continue to use the theme “A New Season To Flourish” to remind ourselves to move on and grow even better with the upgraded facilities and to leverage on the synergy of being together as a single session. Through the Kuo Chuan education, our pupils will learn to develop a passion for learning as well as the zest for life. We are committed to develop not only our pupils but also our staff and parents to be “Lifelong Learners, Lifelong Pals”. As adults, we are the role models for the next generation. In a fast changing landscape, we all need to hone the skill to unlearn, learn and relearn to keep up with the progress of civilisation. We want to be interdependent and tap each other’s strengths to do something meaningful and leave a lasting legacy for our young people. We want to show them the importance of making friends and doing something enjoyable together. We want them to be curious about the world they live in and learn how to make sense of life. The way forward is for us to learn from one another, care for one another, celebrate each other’s achievements and grow together.


Growth requires suitable conditions, unwavering commitment and time. Conducive conditions are created with affirmation through prayer, effort and giving. As a mission school, The Presbyterian Church, our School Management Committee and our chaplain team provides the added support for growth. With commitment to excellence and collaboration, KCPPS will grow from a good school to one that is great as it moves ahead on a strong foundation built over 90 years.


By the grace of God, we hope to bring people together to share our core values of Amazing love, Resilience, Integrity, Self-discipline and Excellence (ARISE). Together, we will nurture a generation of children who will cherish our environment, value one another and actively strive to create a brighter future for our nation, our home.



Mdm Teo Ching Ling


Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

Picture of Mural - A new season to flourish banner.png
The school mural we brought back from the Ang Mo Kio holding site to Bishan.