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Principal's Message

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Blessed Year 2023!

We thank you (our beloved readers) for your interests in checking out our school website and in knowing KCPPS via this platform! Thank you also for reading my message. 

In KCPPS, it is our collective desire to see our pupils ARISE and shine! Be the future-ready citizens rooted in our ARISE values! It is also our vision for them to shine – to be “Lifelong Learners and Lifelong Pals”, having the passion to learn for life and forming deep meaningful relationships with those whom they cherish. The challenges that our young learners face in the future is unimaginable. These challenges may not be the same, hence, the need to learn to manage and lead change.

As we continue to navigate the realities and changing landscape of the Endemic Phase, we are committed to continue to provide educational experiences for every pupil to support their health and safety, holistic growth, and wellbeing. 

In our school, we integrate learning into many pedagogical experiences for our pupils to find the joy of learning in authentic settings. We make learning engaging and meaningful so that they see the connection between what they learn in the classroom and the relevance for application in the real world. We want our pupils to grow up with the right attitude for learning – being curious, able to problem solve creatively, work in collaboration and communicate effectively. Intentionally, our pupils are nurtured with emotions like empathy and joy. It is our endeavour to develop in them the inner strength and confidence to push themselves to achieve their goals in life.

Learning is also about engaging and encouraging the heart. We want our pupils to feel good about their experiences, enjoy the process, internalise what they have learnt and yearn for more learning.  We want them to cultivate patience. To build this skillset, one needs time. Instant gratification will not work. We will continue to work closely with our wonderful parents to help our pupils discover their passion, interest, purpose and path in life. Educators and parents are bound by a shared aspiration in helping our children to navigate confidently in this new world. More importantly, we want our children to have the confidence to fly strong, courage to fly far, aspiration to fly high, affiliation to fly together, and love to fly back to those who care for them! They must remember their roots and heritage. We pray that they will lead and serve our country one day in their own amazing ways!

This year, we celebrate our 99th Founders’ Day! God brings us through all seasons and KCPPS will continue to grow and move ahead on a strong foundation built over 99 years! I am certain that as a big Kuo Chuan community, so long as we stay strong, stay united, and stay resilient, we will find new meaning and purpose in our collaborative endeavours, and we will emerge a better school system and a better nation! 

To God be the Glory!


Mrs Yee-Toh Gek Khiaw


Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

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The school mural we brought back from the Ang Mo Kio holding site to Bishan.