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Parents Support Group

We hold the belief that the home, school and community share the goal in creating an environment that supports our children’s learning and development. It is with this understanding and effort that we receive much support from the members of our Parents Support Group (PSG) over the past years. 

Their belief in us, their presence in school and their efforts in supporting their children’s learning have created a more vibrant, conducive and holistic learning environment. They have worked closely with the staff on programmes and projects throughout the years since the inception of the group. The support from our PSG has indeed provided for a more joyful and meaningful experience for our pupils in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School. 

This year, the PSG, led by Mrs Agnes Tham, has 13 active members in the EXCO team. The following are the PSG EXCO office bearers:

Chairman: Mrs Agnes Tham
Vice-chairman: Mrs Eileen Bean
Treasurer: Ms Jennie Tay
Secretary cum Events Coordinator: Ms Cynthia Hong
Reading Programme Coordinator: Mrs Amy Ong
40 hr PV Coordinator: Mr Lin Chee Koon and Ms Gillian Koh
Facebook Administrator & IT Support: Mr Stanley See
Dads For Life Champion: Mr Joseph Lim
Committee Member: Ms Christina Tay, Ms Geetha Devi, Ms Zheng Shu Fang
Dads For Life Committee Member: Mr Alphonso Chan

You can volunteer your services to the school as a Parent Volunteer or to join the PSG. Please help by filling up the PSG/PV or the PSG recruitment form and send via email kcppspsvg@gmail.com to Mrs Agnes Tham. In doing so, you will have a better understanding of our staff, our school and its programmes.

PSG Registration
Please click this link for the PSG Recruitment Form.

Parent Liaison Officer: Mdm Jumaina Aman